Who is Sudhir Sangwan? Sonali Phogat’s PA

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Sudhir Sangwan
Sudhir Sangwan

Sudhir Sangwan

Sudhir Sangwan’s birth is not known. Birth place was in India. And Sudhir Sangwan is the PA of Sonali Phogat. According to the information, two days after the death of Tiktok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat, another big disclosure has come to light. And according to sources, a video of Sonali Phogat has surfaced before Sonali Phogat’s death. In that video Sonali Phogat is seen dancing with her PA Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder.

According to Punjab Kesari News, before Sonali Phogat’s death, Sonali Phogat and her PA Sudhir Sangwan stayed in the same room of the resort in Goa. And according to sources, Sonali Phogat and her PA Sudhir Sangwan went to a dance bar together after 12:00 pm. And after being three to four in that bar, Sonali Phogat‘s sudden health had deteriorated. After which his PA Sudhir Sangwan again brought Sonali Phogat to the resort room. And when in the morning the doctors had declared Sonali Phogat dead.

Sonali Phogat’s Postmortem Report

Sonali Phogat’s postmortem report came on 25 August 2022 and the cause of her death could not be ascertained. But there has been a disclosure in the report that there have been many injury marks on Sonali Phogat’s body.

Who are Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Wasi

Soon after the death of Sonali Phogat, both her PM Sudhir Sagban and Sudhir’s friend Sukhwinder Vasi are under constant questioning. And in the year 2019, when the Haryana assembly elections were held, BJP had declared Sonali Phogat as its candidate from Adampur. And due to this, his PA Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder resident Sonali Phogat came in contact. And when Sonali Phogat became a candidate of BJP, he had hired Sudhir Sagban as his PA. And after this Sukhwinder Vasi also came in contact with Sonali Phogat. Because Bah PA Sudhir was a friend of Sagban. And as time passed, both of them won the trust of Sonali Phogat.

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Sonali Phogat’s Family Made this Lllegation

According to My India News, Sonali Phogat’s family is accused of Sudhir Sagban had fired Sonali Phogat’s old staff in time. And all the control was taken over by Sudhir Sagban. And according to Sonali Phogat’s family, Sudhir Sagban’s eyes were on Sonali Phogat’s property. And Sonali Phogat had called before her death and told her family. That she will file a police complaint against Sudhir Sagban.

And according to the allegations of Sonali Phogat’s family, there is an allegation in the complaint. That Sudhir Sagban was raping Sonali Phogat for almost 3 years. And by making a video of Sonali Phogat, he was also blackmailing him. And according to the allegations of Sonali Phogat’s family, Sudhir Sagban is also being accused in the theft at Sonali Phogat’s farm house.

Sudhir Sangwan Wife, Family, Height, Age

Sudhir Sangwan Wife, Family,
Sudhir Sangwan Wife, Family,

According to the information of ABP News, a Goa Police officer said that in the case related to the death of Sonali Phogat, the accused have been added to Section 302 and murder. And he told that Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Vasi have been named as accused in the death of Sonali Phogat. And when Sonali Phogat reached Goa on 22 August 2022. So he was accompanied by his PA Sudhir Sangwan and PA’s friend Sukhwinder Vasi.

Sudhir Sangwan’s age is not known. And there is no information about his family and his height yet. We will try to update as soon as possible. Hope you liked the information given by us. Stay connected to get similar information. With superjankari.com.

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