What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing : Friends, today I will tell about email marketing through this article and what is email marketing. How can we earn money from email marketing? And why companies use email marketing the most.

Let me tell you in simple language. What is the meaning of email marketing. So when we do service marketing of a product through email. So that is called email marketing.


What is Email Marketing?

Let me tell you that email marketing is a part of digital marketing. In email marketing, people’s emails are collected. Then emails are sent to them to tell about the service of their product together.

 We tell people about our product through emails. And also use the buy button as well. By which people after reading the emails click on the link given there. They can come to the web page of our website and they can buy our product.

Now let me tell you by giving an example. That’s how you can easily understand email marketing very well.

Friends, if you have ever shopped online. So when you order something similar online. So you have to sign up with your email I’d. And after that you start getting mails from that website on direct mail to you. So this is what is called email marketing

How is email marketing used? and where it is used.

How is email marketing used and where it is used.
How is email marketing used and where it is used.

Email marketing is mostly used by e-commerce companies. And you must have seen them often to take their product or service to the customer. That if you register your account through email to do online shopping. So you keep getting mails of the best offers of that company. And this is what happens. Using email marketing.

Most of the companies resort to email marketing to reach the customers of their products. And by collecting the email of the people, they are emailed to give information about their product. So that you can get information through email.

Email marketing is a very good way. When most companies send emails to people to generate leads. So it also gives the option of buy buttons. So that people can buy that product. And the profit to the company becomes very good.

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 How can you start Email marketing?

How can you start Email marketing
How can you start Email marketing

You must have an email ID to do email marketing. So let’s know How can you start email marketing? And we are going to tell you step by step. That’s how you can start email marketing. So let’s know You read further about this.

1. First of all you have to do your email in the collect list.

You need to have email I’d to start email marketing. Now you have to choose an email marketing software. And this software can be both free or paid. If you are talking about free email marketing software. So you can go to MailChimp. And mailchimp allows you to send 1800 to 2000 emails. Free me if you want to send more than 2000 emails. So you can send using its paid version.

After registering in MailChimp, you have to put the mail form or popup form on your website or blog from there. So that any user who comes to your website or blog. They subscribe to your email form through their mail. And you get his mail id and you can send him new information.

You must have seen That when you visit the website of online shopping. So you get to see That the subscribe button in the sidebar or menubar is on this. And this is what happens. To increase your email list. And the best way to retain your target audience.

2.email campaign

As soon as you have collected the email list. So now you have to run a campaign with the help of your email marketing software. And in that campaign, you will have to inform the customer about your product. So that customers can connect with you. And you keep a page. and give this information. And all the people you have joined through this campaign. You can send mail to them simultaneously.

3.monitor the results

You take the help of emailcampign. So now you have to monitor your result. And this means to whomever you have sent your mail. How many of them checked and how many people opened and how many people came to your website through that mail and how much your conversion has happened. And you can monitor your campaign only through your email marketing software. Meaning with the help of any email marketing software. You have got this campaign done. Through that you can monitor.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one such marketing through which you can earn good money. And if you have a new start. So you can give information about your startup to the people through email marketing. And if you want to increase traffic in the website. So email can be a good way for marketing. With the help of which you can earn good income.

email marketing software

There are many email marketing software in the market. With the help of which you can convey information about your product or service to the people. So let’s know Know more about this too. which one is paid. And which one is free.

1.MailChimp :- If you want to send mail up to 2000 people. So you can use MailChimp free version. And if you want to reach more than 2000 people. So you have to use the paid version.

2.convertkit. You can use both its paid and free version.

 3.drip. You can use both its paid and free versions.

You will find many such software. Using which you can do email marketing.

You got to learn today. How to do Email Marketing?

And what can you use from email marketing. And what is the use of email marketing. And what are the software for email marketing. So how did you get the information given through this article of ours. You must tell us by commenting. If true I have liked the information given to you by us. So you must share with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp. Thank you !

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