What is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing
What is cloud computing

What is cloud computing?

Friends, today I am going to tell you about cloud computing through this article. So let’s get the best information about it.

You will know as the time progresses. By the way, some new technology comes every day. You have to walk step by step with the world. So it is very important for us to know about these technologies. Now the technology that is being heard for some time now. That is Cloud Computing. So what is this after all? So this is Cloud Computing and what does it do. If you have these questions in your mind. That we will answer every question related to this technology. And will tell you about every single thing related to cloud computing. So you read further.

Cloud computing is used in this?

What is Cloud Computing
What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is that technology. In which various types of services using the Internet. are provided. And these services can be anything. Whether it is some kind of software or whether it is a server or storage space has been given or any other service. What is meant by cloud computing? To provide any kind of computing service on the demand of the user through the Internet.

If we explain Cloud Computing in simple language, then in this technology the user is provided with the facility of data storage on a server of the Internet. And we can also call it cloud. In such a situation, by buying space on the cloud, the user can save any amount of his data on it. And can access your data from anywhere in the world. What is cloud computing?

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You understand with the example of Cloud Computing.

With the example of Cloud Computing Technology, you can use anything present in the world today. Out of which we give some good examples in front of you.

1. youtube : famous video sharing platform. And millions of videos are uploaded to youtube daily. In such a situation, YouTube uses Cloud Computing Technology to store so many videos. So that it can be easy for us to upload videos to youtube. And from that many videos can be uploaded simultaneously.

2. Famous social media like Facebook on which there are profiles of several thousand people. And there is a lot of data available. So in such a situation, Facebook also uses Cloud Computing to keep so much data. So that Facebook serves well.

3. All companies providing email service such as Gmail, Rediff, yahoo and all companies providing online storage space such as Dropbox, Yandex, Media Fire, Mega, and all companies use Cloud Computing. By which those companies do good service. What is cloud computing?

What is the history of Cloud Computing? And when did it start?

What is the history of Cloud Computing And when did it start
What is the history of Cloud Computing And when did it start

Cloud Computing started in 1960. Then the internet was not even started properly. The real beginning of Cloud Computing was in 1990, 30 to 40 years later. When a company named Salesforce started providing services to its website people. Since then people started to understand its importance and only then came to know how important it can prove to be in the coming times. After many years, this field gained momentum and by coming in the 21st century, Amazon, Google  What is cloud computing?

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And many good companies like Microsoft started providing their services in the field of Cloud Computing. And that’s how Cloud Computing started.

How does Cloud Computing work?

Cloud Computing has more servers. That is, computers on which a special software is installed. He is employed. It can be more than one. It has many software. Cloud Computing basically works on Dual Layers technology. Where there is a separate layer to manage the servers. Which is called back end. And the second layer that clients use. So it is called front end. Similarly, both the back end and the front end together form a server setup for a complete cloud computing. And it works well. What is cloud computing?

Types of Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is divided on the basis of two parts.

(A). on the basis of deployment.

(B) On the basis of the service provided by the cloud.

(A) On the basis of deployment there are following types of Cloud Computing?

1. Public cloud computing is available to everyone. And it is managed by the service provider. Public cloud services are sometimes free. And sometimes it costs money. Or very little is charged for them. Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure All these are good solutions for Public Cloud Computing. What is cloud computing?

2. Private Cloud Computing

In Private Cloud Computing, services and networks are stored on a private cloud. So in this the user does not have to share his cloud with any other person. As Google Drive is an example of Private Cloud Computing. Here all your data is protected with your email and password. And in this your drive cannot work with anyone other than you. What is cloud computing?

3. What is Cloud Community?

Community Cloud Computing is available only to a group of people. Apart from this, no other external person can access this data. For example, for a government office as a loan, only its employees. can work on his site. And they can use the available data. This is a website made by a university. And the material on it can be used only by the students of that university. The university that would have made it. What is cloud computing?

 4. Hybrid Cloud Computing?

In hybrid cloud both private cloud and public cloud are used. Certain content on a site is available only to registered people. And some of the material is publicly available. So such cloud is also called hybrid cloud.

(B) Based on the service provided by the cloud, the following are about Cloud Computing.

1. About Infrastructure as a service?

In this type of service, the computing power, storage, software, network power of the cloud and a lot of control is with the user. So that those services can basically be used for business. The biggest example of this is VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server. In which you get software and network as well as computing power.

2 Platform as a service?

In PaaS, the user gets only one platform. Which can have either storage or computing power. In this, you cannot control your things completely. And only the cloud provider can control. It has borrowings. Gmail, Rediff, Yahoo and you can use them.

3.Software as a service?

In SaaS, you get only one software hosted on a remote server. Which is used for some good and definite work. These types of services are mostly used by small businesses. Any type of software can be included in this type of service. Like google docs online or google gsuite etc all these are examples of saas. So this is how it works. What is cloud computing?

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?

1. Having more storage.

In this, all your data is saved on the cloud. In which you can increase your storage according to your wish and need. You get good benefit from it. And whatever you have saved data on it. No one else can use it.

2. Ease of access to data.

The biggest advantage of storing data on the cloud is That you can access it from anywhere and from any device. If you need only internet connection, using which you can access your cloud. And you will get good benefit in this.

3. Have more processing power?

There is no need to compromise with processing power on Cloud Computing. In this you can buy as much processing power as you want. And as much power as you need.

4. Low Price?

In Cloud Computing, you can buy storage space as per your requirement. And you only have to pay that amount. How much storage have you bought? For example, if you need 20 GB of storage. So you can buy the same amount of space by paying just 20 GB. Read as much as you need For this you do not need to buy 500 GB hard disk. What is cloud computing?

Friends this was Some important information related to Cloud Computing. And we hope That you would have liked the information given about cloud computing through this article of ours. So friends, how did you like this information, do tell by commenting below. And do not forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp. Thank you  What is cloud computing?

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