What is Chemistry and What Are its Branches?

What is Chemistry
What is Chemistry

What is Chemistry

Friends, through this article of ours today, some important information about Chemistry will be provided. And if you really want to get information about Chemistry. And want to know about the importance of Chemistry. So you must read this article of ours completely. We will provide you information in very simple language.

Let us tell you that Chemistry is considered to be the most important subjects of science. And without the knowledge of chemistry, we are not able to do many such work in this world which we need more. And we will also inform you through this article that what is the importance of Chemistry.

Do you know All the injections that we are given to go to the doctor. And the medicine that is given to them. Which is made through chemical factory. It is impossible to make all those medicines without chemistry. And through chemistry, you can easily make any medical pressure.

Perhaps you must have heard that every subject in science is considered to have its own importance. But let us tell you that only because of the knowledge of chemistry, nowadays humans can easily identify all the activities happening in their body. And we can also control it by knowing about it. And let us tell that this control itself is not there. And then this control happens. When it has some ups and downs. So through this the doctors can operate our body easily.

Chemistry is considered to be the most important branch of science. And all its substances are met by its properties. and how all its substances connect to each other. And when do they join? And then how are all these different? So that through this another substance can be formed well. and how its substances interact with energy. What is Chemistry

as we cook food. And along with that comes chemistry in everything from cooking to cleaning your house to cleaning your body. And do you know that chemistry is considered one of the physical sciences. And it helps more in describing and explaining this world. What is Chemistry

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Where did the word chemistry come from?

 chemistry come from
chemistry come from

Do you know that if we look at the origin of the word chemistry, then it has happened through the alchemy of the ancient Egyptian name Jani. And maybe you don’t know the meaning of its word. So that’s the meaning of the word. Another name for black color and levasia is chemistry. And by this name it is known all over the world. What is Chemistry

What are the branches of Chemistry?

 branches of Chemistry
branches of Chemistry

There are five branches of chemistry and it is also considered to be the most important. And each of these studies cover many different areas.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry It appears to study most of the compounds. And the carbon element is seen in it.

You must have heard somewhere that many unique qualities are found in carbon. And through this you get permissions to make complex chemicals. And this is known as the best organic chemistry. And it has all its virtues. They make more living tissue. And it is mostly present.



Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes. And it mostly happens inside living organisms.

All those coming under this chemistry and with them the categories of which it is also necessary for you to study.

You must have heard somewhere that within these big categories, many small and many categories are seen. And many of these have more and more significant impacts on our daily lives. And your chemist gets more and more improvement in many products.

In the food that everyone eats, as well as from your clothes, which you may have made in your home. And through this, chemistry and environment in this life of ours helps more in protecting mostly. And through this you also easily discover new sources of energy.

Analytical Chemistry

To identify the properties of all substances, such as physical and chemical, in chemistry, qualitative is used to measure them as well as quantitative observations are used along with it. And if it is seen through a better medium, then this chemistry is considered analytical.

organic chemistry

Such substances are found in this well-known inorganic chemistry. And in this the study of such gases is done. In which carbon is not present at all. Or carbon is not found at all.

physical chemistry

  Do you know That along with the physics of your physical chemistry, it also connects chemistry. and study through physical chemist. Which is how matter as well as its energy unite and work with it. And this is very important for you to know. Two important branches of thermal mixer quantum mechanics have been created for physical chemistry.

Food Chemistry

Along with the science that comes mostly in food chemistry, there are many main things related to the three components of food and carbohydrates, lipids and proteins along with it. Which carbohydrate is considered as sugar. And it can also be starch.

For this, more lipids come through fats and oils. And let us tell you what a cell is. They are some essential parts of the membrane. And it lubricates the internal organs of all of them. And the cushioning also does more.

Because in this you get 2.2 times more energy per gram of carbohydrate in fat than it in the medium of protein. And this is very important for you to know. That many people always try to limit their intake to avoid being overweight. What is Chemistry

Friends, how did you like the information given about chemistry through this article of ours today, you must tell us by commenting in the comment box below and if you really liked the information given by us, then share it with your friends, relatives, family Don’t forget to do And stay connected to get such new information. With superjankari.com. Thank you What is Chemistry

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