What is Bulli Bai App?

What is Bulli Bai App : Friends, today we are going to give you information about ‘Bully Bai’ app through this article. Today we will tell you what is the ‘Bully Bai’ app. And the work done with this app can be done. So stay tuned to get complete information. at superjankari.com

What is Bulli Bai App?
What is Bulli Bai App?

What is Bulli Bai App

According to sources, it has come to light. ‘Key Bully Buy’ app is used for auctions. And according to sources, the ‘bully bye’ app was only used to upload pictures of Muslim women. And according to sources, photos of more than 140 Muslim women have been uploaded through the ‘Bully Bai’ app. And the ‘Bully Bai’ app caused massive outrage in India for Muslim women.

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Bulli Bai App

Bulli Bai App
Bulli Bai Apps

According to sources, after the news of Bulli Bai App came to the fore, there has been a lot of loss among Muslim women. And a Muslim woman has lodged a complaint at the Delhi Police Station. At the same time, according to sources, that woman has made this allegation. That his picture has been auctioned through Bulli Bai app.

According to sources, after the case of Bulli Bai app came to light, Delhi Police has completely removed the Bulli Bai app from the internet.

According to sources, with the help of Indian Computer Emergency teams, it has been found out by analyzing the raw data. The main suspect of Bulli Bai app is located in Jorhat of Assam.

To nab the main accused under the care of Delhi Police Commissioner Raman Lamba and the team of Delhi Police had formed a formation.

One of the accused of Bulli Bai app caught?

One of the accused of Bulli Bai app caught?
One of the accused of Bulli Bai app caught?

According to sources, Delhi Police had arrested Neeraj Bishnoi from Baha on Thursday night in Jorhat district of Assam. And while interrogating Neeraj Bishnoi. Neeraj Bishnoi has revealed. That his team had created the controversial app on GitHub. and Neeraj Bishnoi for creating additional, Twitter handle @bullibai. Neeraj Bishnoi has accepted.

Neeraj Bishnoi’s statement?

Neeraj Bishnoi has told this in the statement of Delhi Police. According to sources, the GitHub app was launched by our team in November 2021. And our team finally updated in the next month. The Twitter account was created on December 31. And Neeraj Bishnoi has said in Vayan. That’s our team’s account at @Sage0x1 to tweet about the app.

 the matter of auctioning them is being told. And Neeraj Bishnoi, the producer who made the Bulli Bai app, is being told according to sources. And Neeraj Bishnoi has been arrested by the police from Assam.

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