Easiest way to Increase Watching Time on Youtube in 2022?

Increase Watching Time on Youtube
Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Friends, today, through this article of ours, I am going to give you the best information about how to increase your viewing time on Youtube as well as give you information in very simple language. And you really want to increase your YouTube viewing time. So you must read this article of ours completely.

Many people who have received the email. In it, some information related to your YouTube, such as the announcement of new terms of your YouTube in terms of monetization of your channel is given.

The new rules of YouTube have come into effect from February 20. in which it is told That you can earn money from your YouTube channel only. When you have 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. And if you have seen 4,000 hours on your YouTube within the last one year, then only you will get money.

We have seen many small youtubers disappointed by getting this new information. And because his channel is not very famous. They do not have many customers.

Don’t get discouraged by this, instead of getting disappointed you. , We have given some great tips below to increase your viewing time on YouTube. With the help of all those tips, you can easily increase the time on your YouTube. And the more people spend more time on your YouTube videos, the better it will be for you. And only with the help of this, the number of customers on your YouTube will increase more. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

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Step.1 Find the Hours Watched on YouTube?

 Find the Hours Watched on YouTube
Find the Hours Watched on YouTube

To improve your viewing times on YouTube. First of all you have to find out. What’s in it. And to do this, you must first log in to your YouTube. and open your creator studio in youtube.

You can then click the ‘Analytics’ button in your left-hand menu, and change this view to “last 365 days” for the bottom of all charts that appear.

With the help of this you can find out. The number of minutes spent viewing your YouTube video by how many people during that time period. And if we see your target of 4,000 hours in Minto, it is equal to 240,000 minutes. And if your time is up. So we congratulate you. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

If your time is not up. So you start looking at these ways to increase your YouTube viewing time.

Step .2 You should post at the right time.

This is considered one of the best ways to increase your viewing time on YouTube. And it’s supposed to be the best way for your YouTube videos to appear in search results.

You can watch on any youtube. Ki Bo uploads his video. And at what time? And you must have seen on many YouTube that their videos are uploaded on fixed time. And this is the reason that more and more people spend time on their videos on their videos. And you also fix your own time and upload your video at the same time. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Consider that you guys posted on your weekends a little earlier. And you can also consider all those days. When you feel that internet traffic is generally high. And it means That you post after the week and you guys do not post any on Monday. And it’s not like that at all. That we cannot post on Monday. We can post But less people will come to see your post. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Step. 3 You use playlists in this?

 You use playlists in this
You use playlists in this

Maybe you do not know about it that it is not necessary to increase the time of watching your video. That people see your video.

If really someone starts watching your video. And that person continues to view your playlist. So it doesn’t matter to you that the videos after that are from someone else. And the time from which the person is watching the video. That entire time is added to your YouTube time. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

To take advantage of this full feature, you must first make sure that all your videos are there. He is in the playlist of savi youtube. And if you guys are such a person. Who likes to roam more on YouTube. So you spend some time on some other youtube so that you can be more easy. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Step. 4 You guys use the card and the final slate in it.

When you upload a video to YouTube channel. So there are some cool ways. Instead of making multiple people click your video very quickly, you can encourage all those customers to watch your video.

You use your YouTube Card feature. You have to click at any point in your YouTube video. And then by taking a link to another channel’s video or playlist, you can add it to your on-screen link and you can get its permission.

Here are some top tips for using any existing video card: And first you see your analysis and watch your YouTube video’s viewing time well. And then you identify that point. On which most of the people leave that video. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Let us tell you that when using end slates, you can do this by using the exact same technique to direct all your viewers to any of your other videos or longer playlists. And it is more important to add the link of the video at the end of each video. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Step. 5 Have a teaser?

Maybe you know about it when someone watches a YouTube video. So most of the people get bored very quickly. And you will soon know that this is happening to you. or not. And if there is a big drop in your viewing time on your YouTube video and after few seconds of your video. So you will be a little sad about this, but this is considered to be the right thing.

The best news for you is this. That to introduce you to the best and most exciting part of your YouTube video. You can work in it by keeping it as a teaser.

This is believed to be the biggest reason. That you often see the recipe video opening along with a shot of an almost finished dish. Or many funny videos always open with a great FAIL moment.

This is great for the time you watch at the beginning of your YouTube video. Many YouTubers also use this technique. And we are also using the same. And you bloopers at the end of your video. Or add a giveaway, to encourage people not to click through too soon. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Step .6 Tell people what to expect?

The biggest reason why you see less on your YouTube videos can be that everyone is clicking away. Because your youtube video content will not be as expected so you guys can also think that. It’s supposed to be the most amazing for a click-bait title and number of thumbnail views on your YouTube. And if 9,900 of your YouTube videos were watched by people for only five or six seconds, then that time doesn’t matter to you. And YouTube will not validate the time taken.

Our advice for this is this. The first thing to do is to make sure Your thumbnail, title, as well as a description of what happens in the video. And you keep it reflecting accurately. And in this your total views may be less. But the watch time on your YouTube video will keep increasing. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Step .7 Use Analytics in Your People?

When it’s time to watch your YouTube videos. So we can’t tell you for sure. But this YouTube Analytics is your best friend. And we also use Analytics in our YouTube.

When you guys make a youtube channel. So the viewing time of your video can prove to be a far better indicator of success than the number of views or the number of your subscribers. Increase Watching Time on Youtube

Friends, through today’s article, how did you like the information given about how to increase your viewing time on YouTube, you must tell us by commenting in the comment box below and share this information to your friends, relatives, or any other member. Don’t forget to share And follow to get new information like this. to superjankari.com. thank you friends Increase Watching Time on Youtube, Increase Watching Time on Youtube

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