How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel
How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Most of the people are worried about their youtube channel.

1- Video is not going viral

2- Watch time not completing

3- Subscribers are not increasing

4- No one is sharing the video.

Many people are working hard for many months, but youtube channel is not growing. If you really want to know how to grow youtube channel? So you have to read this article completely. You read and follow each step of this article carefully, 100% your YouTube channel will grow easily.

Hello friends, through this article, we are going to tell you 12 such ways to grow YouTube channel, by which you can easily grow your YouTube channel. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

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Following are the ways to grow youtube channel.

1- Trending Content

1- Trending Content
1- Trending Content

New youtubers always make this mistake that they copy other people. This is the biggest mistake. New youtubers should always work on trending topics.

New youtubers can put videos before big youtubers. But the biggest thing comes from where to finally find the trending topic.

There are 2 cool ways to find trending topics, by which you can easily make a video first. If you first upload a video on YouTube on a trending topic, then your videos will get the most views.

Twitter Trends – With Twitter Trends, you can easily find out which topic you can make. The same #Tag trend is on Twitter trend which people search the most. For this you must have a Twitter account.

Google Trends – Google Trends is also a very good medium to find out trending topics. Here the same post trends which people search the most. Your YouTube channel is of any category, you can easily check the trend of the same category. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

2-Intro Trailer

Whenever you make a video, definitely use Intro Trailer in the starting of that video. Let’s understand it in simple words. Make a good intro in the name of your YouTube channel, which you can add to every video of your YouTube. Its biggest advantage is that it increases the value of your video. Due to which there are chances of getting more views on your video. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

3- Search engine optimization (SEO)

We work hard to make our videos viral. Work from video shooting to editing. But SEO is the biggest contributor to making the video viral. If we write a good title of our video and SEO it well, then there will be more chances of getting more views on that video.

How to do SEO?

How to do SEO
How to do SEO

There are many things to keep in mind while uploading YouTube videos.

  • Tital write well
  • write the description well
  • make thumbnails well

Please put a link to another video in the description of the video.

For more information about SEO, you have to read this post.

4- Thumbnail Image

Chances of getting maximum clicks and views on YouTube videos are when the thumbnail of that video is well made. People click only by looking at the thumbnail. We spend a lot of time in making and editing videos, in the same way, if we make thumbnails well, then our video will become viral very soon. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

5- Embedding Video your Blog

If you have a blog, then you can easily get views on your YouTube videos. If you have made a video on a topic on which you have written a post on your blog. So you embed your YouTube video in your blog. By doing this, people coming to the blog post will also see your video, which will start getting views on your video.

6- Video Upload in Facebook

If you have a Facebook page, then this is a good way to get views on videos and increase followers. The video you upload to your YouTube channel, you upload the same video to your Facebook page. By doing this your subscribers will also increase on Facebook. And in this way you can ask your Facebook followers to watch videos of YouTube channel. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

7- Regular Video Upload

If a person really wants to grow his YouTube channel on YouTube, then he has to pay attention to the uploading of the video.

When we create our YouTube channel, then we work hard and also upload videos continuously. But when we get a few days, then we also stop uploading videos. But when YouTube videos don’t get views, we get demotivated. Then we stop working. And also do not upload regular videos. By doing this the rank of our YouTube channel falls. If you really want to grow your YouTube channel, then you have to upload regular videos. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

8-Video Colabs

If you have a familiar youtuber then you can interview those youtubers on your youtube channel. By doing this your YouTube channel will grow. People will also start knowing your YouTube channel. By doing this, you can call the subscribers of other channels to your channel.

9- Video Promotion

You can promote your YouTube video for free. For this, your social account should be created so that you can issue alerts of your videos to your friends. You can tell your followers through a post before uploading your video to your YouTube channel. You can issue an alert of your video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, in addition to other social platforms.

10- Giveaways

You can easily grow your YouTube channel through Giveaways. As you run a Giveaway in your YouTube channel, new subscribers will join you to take that Giveaway. These subscribers will be associated with your channel forever. And this is a good way to increase subscribers on your channel. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

11- Informative video

Many people make videos with hard work but do not give correct information in that video. Due to which the viewers watch your video for less time. Due to this, your watch time is reduced. Make your video short with good details. You have to make informative video every time. By doing this, people watching your video will stay longer. Due to which the watchtime of your channel will increase. Due to being an informative video, your subscribers will also increase. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Hope that you must have liked this article. We have told how to grow YouTube channel through this article. If you follow the rules mentioned through this article, then you can easily grow your YouTube channel. If you liked this article, then you can share this article with your friends on whatsapp, facebook. Thanks! How to Grow Your YouTube Channel, How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

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