How to Apply for Making PAN Card?

Apply for Making PAN Card
Apply for Making PAN Card

Apply for Making PAN Card

Friends, through this article of ours today, information about Apply for Making PAN Card will be given in very simple language. And with this information you can make PAN card of anyone. If you really want to apply for Making PAN Card from your home. So you must read this article of ours till the last.

Do you know How many digits are there in the PAN card? PAN card consists of 10 digit characters. And in this PAN card is issued through the IT department. And how to make your own or someone else’s PAN card and apply for PAN card online. To get complete information about this, you must read our article completely. Apply for Making PAN Card

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What is PAN card number?

What is PAN card number
What is PAN card number

If seen in the pen card, out of the first 5 characters, it represents the first 3 alphabet series.

This is the fourth character of the PAN card number. The key continues to represent the status of the holder of the PAN card. Apply for Making PAN Card

  • J stands for Artificial Judicial Person.
  • B stands for Body of Individuals.
  • T is being made to stand for Faith.
  • H stands for Hindu Undivided Family.
  •  L has also stood for local authority.
  • C means company.
  • G stands for Government Agency.
  • What is the meaning of P? Individual
  • F stands for Firm/Limited as well as Liability Partnership.
  • A is considered an association of persons. It is accompanied by AOP.

Do you know What is the 5th character of PAN card. So it represents it with the first letter of last name or surname of the PAN holder in case of an individual. And for non-individuals, it represents the first character along with the name of the PAN card holder, along with the fifth character in the case of PAN card holders.

With this the next 4 characters are consecutive numbers. Which ranges from 0001 to 9999.

Its last character is the 10th character. And it contains an alphabetical check digit.

What is the utility of PAN card?

What is the utility of PAN card
What is the utility of PAN card
  • PAN card can enable it to identify or link the transactions of the holder with all the departments.
  • This is done for payment of transactions. And it can be accompanied by TDS or TCS credit and in addition the return of income. or for specified transactions. And with this correspondence etc. have been included in it.
  • All its recovery has been done according to the complete information of the PAN card holder. and facilitates amalgamation of all PAN card holders and other business activities based on their various investments. Apply for Making PAN Card

Who has to get PAN card?

  • Let us tell you that if any person has his total income as well as the total income of any other person. In relation to him he is assessable during the year. So according to your maximum amount it can be more. And it is not considered chargeable to tax.
  • The main information for PAN card is this. of a charitable trust called section 139. It is considered necessary to submit the return under it.
  • Any person offering business. And the total sales of that person and also the business with him. or the gross receipts may be likely to exceed five lakh rupees in any year.
  • Any person who wishes to undertake specified financial transactions. And it is mandatory to mention PAN card with him. only that person.
  • With this, all the residents of the individual and every person associated with them can apply for a PAN card. 2,00,000 in his transactions during the financial year of that person. If it exceeds Rs.

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How to apply for PAN card?

First of all, you should set up PAN card service centers of Income Tax Department and along with this it has been made for UTI Infrastructure Technology or AAP Services Limited and along with National Securities Depository Limited for all management. Apply for Making PAN Card

If you are not aware about this, then let us tell you that UTIITSL and along with it NSDL has opened its PAN card service center at various places in many major cities of India. And along with this these tin facilitation centers have been set up.

Through this, the person you want to get the PAN card of UTIITSL or NSDL along with it contains all the relevant documents in the application center of the PAN card. And by submitting this PAN card application form along with the prescribed fee, you can apply for PAN card.

You can also apply online for PAN card from the website of UTIITSL or NSDL. without spending any money.

Important information is this. Every individual has to paste their two latest, color photographs on the application form. This is most important.

You should have all the prescribed documents and along with it your identity proof and your full address and date of birth of your people will have to be submitted along with all these documents.


Friends, through this article of ours today, Apply for Making PAN Card How did you like the given information, you must tell us by commenting in the comment box below and do not forget to share this information with your friends. And stay connected to get such new information. With Thank you

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